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Global Sales Force

Global Sales Force

Global Sales Force

Global Sales Force

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Global Sales Force
Salesmen and saleswomen are the highest paid professionals in the business world. In order to recruit and keep the best in this profession huge salaries and perks are the rewards for top producers. It is also the most difficult, cut-throat, ego-shattering and highest turn over rate job in the world. 

Developing a Passive Internet Sales Force
The cost of establishing a competent sales force in all the major cities and markets your products or services could be offered would be an undertaking few Companies could afford. The expansion cost of offices, secretaries, phones, equipment, management and staff for each location would be prodigious. Then there is the added expenses of advertising for lead generation, direct mail campaigns for lead generation, cold calling for lead generation... notice a common thread? Lead Generation. How do I contact qualified buyers interested in my product or service? When your potential customer searches for what you do is he finding you or your competition? If that potential customer enters your Internet store because he was looking for what you do then, you have a qualified lead and a potential passive sale because this customer now believes he controls the transaction. No salesman called on him, he went looking for what he wanted.

The Internet Sales Experience
The Internet sales experience is quite different than any other type of sale. Because there is so much non-relevant information available on the web, when a potential customer finds exactly what he was looking for, he is more likely to enter, stay and if your product is packaged attractively, to buy. He congratulates him or her-self on being able to find, that for which he or she was looking, the first time.

Competitive Advantage
When your company spends less than your competitor for Internet advertising to reach the same "targeted" audience the balance of revenue potential is shifted. This is just basic business: spend less = greater profit.
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Advertise on the same Search Engine front page as your largest competitor for $Thousands less. These results are guaranteed! You pay only when you find yourself at the top of your category. 
If you want to play in the Internet have to buy a ticket.

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