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Internet Advertising

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Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising
The sale of advertising is not new, however the Internet is. Traditional marketing companies have not realized that Internet advertising and traditional advertising have no common ground.

Internet Advertising Alternative
The ONLY "Targeted" front-page Internet advertising option available is search engine ad banners. If the "keyword ad banner" your company needs is already taken or $300,000 to 500,000 per year, per search engine, is not in your budget you need a cost effective alternative. This creates a unique win-win situation for both
your business and your clients.

Qualified Lead Generation
Businesses who thought that increased "qualified lead generation", or "sales" would result from merely “having a Web Site” are now realizing if no one knows where they are, they cannot expect any new business. In many cases, businesses simply want to give the impression of being in the 21st century and technology aware. If the Web Site is just an extension of the business card, it is redundant and ineffectual. The only sound business reason for an Internet presence is in attracting customers with whom you would not ordinarily interact, and this means Internet advertising.

Competitive Advantage
When your company spends less than your competitor for Internet advertising to reach the same "targeted" audience the balance of revenue potential is shifted. This is just basic business: spend less = greater profit.

Link Exchange Programs
Link exchange programs for Internet advertising do not (in most cases) work because...

  • Advertising on another web site which cannot be found provides no real benefit.
  • You must advertise someone else's business on your web site with no control of substance of content.
  • FREE? You get what you pay for. You may attract "lookie-loos" out of curiosity, but not "hits" that can be converted to sales. If this program made money do you think they would just give it away?

Advertise on the same Search Engine front page as your largest competitor for $Thousands less. These results are guaranteed! You pay only when you find yourself at the top of your category. 
If you want to play in the Internet have to buy a ticket.

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