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Traditional Advertising
The sale of advertising is not new, however the Internet is. Traditional marketing companies have not realized that Internet advertising and traditional advertising have no common ground. The principals are similar but the methodology is completely different and very complex. A traditional advertising professional, without expert Internet knowledge, will have no alternative but to advise the client of the Internet strategy of search engine ad banners or advertising on another site. These costs are huge.

Does your mechanic do your taxes?
It is assumed that the company computer tech (who is the only one with a basic understanding of HTML) is also a professional Internet Web Designer and Internet Sales and Marketing Expert. This is like saying the electrician who hooked up the stove in a fancy restaurant is qualified to be the CHEF.  In fact many high school students are producing quality looking Web Sites as class projects. Many of today's Web developers are taking advantage of the “drag and drop” functionality of "Web Design Software Editors", which allow for "cut-and-paste" Web Site construction. The end result is a great looking, informative Web Site that cannot be found! "Oh Yeah, my brother-in-law does web pages" is a phrase heard all to often in the Web Development business.

"Keyword" Advertising
Search engine “Keyword” advertising banners are in reference to the company business. Search for "jobs" and notice the owners of the ad banners. (, etc.) Both and had 1999 Super Bowl advertising television spots at a published rate of $2.3 million for a 30 second commercial. To companies such as these, search engine ad banner rates of $1 million per year each for 4 or 5 search engines possibly seem justified in comparison to Super Bowl rates, but how many local businesses can afford this price range

Search Engine Ad Banners
Search Engine advertising banners are the number 1 advertising method of large and medium sized Internet businesses, however the costs are in some cases prohibitive. The ad banner does two things, 

  1. A)    Places the company one click away based on the keyword purchased and, 

  2.  Eliminates the competition from the same keyword or phrase. With front-page advertising banner "rates" in many cases priced over one million ($1,000,000.00) per year, offers offer a realistic and cost effective alternative.

Competitive Advantage
When your company spends less than your competitor for Internet advertising to reach the same "targeted" audience the balance of revenue potential is shifted. This is just basic business: spend less = greater profit.

Link Exchange Programs
Link exchange programs for Internet advertising do not (in most cases) work because...

  • Advertising on another web site which cannot be found provides no real benefit.
  • You must advertise someone else's business on your web site with no control of substance of content.
  • FREE? You get what you pay for. You may attract "lookie-loos" out of curiosity, but not "hits" that can be converted to sales. If this program made money do you think they would just give it away?

Advertise on the same Search Engine front page as your largest competitor for $Thousands less. These results are guaranteed! You pay only when you find yourself at the top of your category. 
If you want to play in the Internet have to buy a ticket.

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