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There is no secret to Domain Names. A "Keyword" domain name is  "relevant" to the search engines. Most people search for what they want not who. That is why the domain name was sold at auction for over 1 million dollars, to capture traffic from anyone seeking information about Wall Street. Company or individual arrogance is normal and Internet suicide!

Your Internet name should not be it should be (unless of course you are the biggest i.e.: or or In other words if your business is a consulting firm then the best name for your Internet site is, but that name is already taken. You are now left with lesser choices usually something like which, as far as the search engines are concerned has little or no relevance to "consulting". The need for "keyword" domain names will continue to grow but there is a solution. 

You need a "keyword" domain name, one that not only makes sense but is easy to remember. In this example would be a more relevant name for anyone searching for "consulting" than ABCAssociates? Of course it would. 

If you think there is such a thing as a "free lunch" then there are plenty of places to get a "Free Web Site". Remember you get what you pay for. The rush for Internet Domain Names has been likened to the California Gold Rush. Stake your claim and make an offer on a "keyword" domain name at (just like any good book or movie has a sequel) and once you have a great name it only makes sense to have a professional build and host your site. Your business clock is "ticking". Please Contact Richard F. Wise

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