E-Commerce and Business Solutions

In order to increase productivity and maximize profits, competitive, aggressive businesses are turning to the Internet and E-Commerce. However, businesses may have no idea of where to go for help in development, design, redesign, marketing or hosting of their Corporate Web Sites and/or e-commerce solutions.

Increased Traffic

Whether your company is looking to develop a new Web presence or redesign an existing site to give Internet exposure, search engine placement and better traffic results, Micro Express Imaging in Denver, Co. can offer a complete business solution anywhere in the World. IXML.net is the source code for success.

Domain Name Registration

Domain Names 2.gif (5733 bytes)Large companies and Internet insiders realized early the importance of recognizable Domain Names and the "rush was on" to snap up the most popular and recognized names and "service names" i.e.; Wallstreet, Finance, Buy, Shop, Money etc. For your new Domain name address in "the Internet 2" see... www.part.to


e-mail Richard@part.to for more information.

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