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The most compelling reason for Internet Business Web Sites is Traffic... no traffic = no sales!


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Traffic Sales MarketingiXML Technology

Sales - How will your customers find you?
NetworkSolutions reports a new Internet Domain Name registered every 5 seconds. 
What is your company going to do to "stand out" from your competition? When you can be found by your potential customers, is this traffic "qualified leads"? When your potential customers search for what you do, are they finding you or your competition?

Traffic - Location - Location "This is Internet Real Estate"
As you well know, location, location, location is the most critical part of your web site success. Visual appearance and content are second. Your viewers must find you first before they can appreciate your design and content. You must generate TRAFFIC to your Site other than the URL on your business card. The problems are twofold. First if you ask ten people "What "search words" would you use in a search engine to find me?", you will get ten different answers! Second, depending on which search engine they use to search for you, their keywords will produce different results because search engines use different methods to gather your information and index your site.

Marketing - The Power of Search Engines
Nearly 90% of web site traffic on the Internet comes directly from search engines and directories. This means that popular web sites such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, and MSN are largely responsible for directing people to your web site! As a result, tapping the power of the search engines offers an enormous opportunity for you to promote your site to your target audience. It's no wonder that most e-commerce sites consider their search engine position to be their #1 means of web site promotion (ActivMedia, 2000).

Search Engine Ad Banners
Search Engine advertising banners appear to be the number 1 advertising method of large and medium sized Internet businesses, however the costs are in some cases prohibitive. The ad banner does two things, A) places the company one click away based on the keyword purchased and, B) eliminates the competition from the same keyword or phrase. With front page advertising banner "rates" in many cases priced over one million ($1,000,000.00) per year, iXML Technology offers a realistic and cost effective alternative.

If you're not there...your competition is.
As increasing Internet competition forces businesses to investigate all advertising avenues the costs will increase. 
COMPANY CEO's, CIOs and corporate strategy "teams" will soon realize without efficient Internet advertising the original Internet business projections are doomed. No longer will the phrase "if you build it; they will come" apply. Businesses will recognize the need for this technology to at least remain competitive, and to possibly enjoy an enormous market share advantage with regard to Internet sales.

Does your mechanic do your taxes?
It is assumed that the company computer tech (who is the only one with a basic understanding of HTML) is also a professional Internet Web Designer and Internet Sales and Marketing Expert. This is like saying the electrician who hooked up the stove in an "upscale" restaurant is qualified to be the CHEF.  In fact many high school students are producing quality looking Web Sites as class projects. Many of today's Web developers are taking advantage of the “drag and drop” functionality of "Web Design Software Editors", which allow for "cut-and-paste" Web Site construction. The end result is a great looking, informative Web Site that cannot be found! "Oh Yeah, my brother-in-law does web pages" is a phrase heard all to often in the Web Marketing business.

Competitive Advantage
Advertise on the same Search Engine front page as your largest competitor for $Thousands less.
These results are guaranteed! You pay only when you find yourself at the top of your category. 
If you want to play in the Internet have to buy a ticket.

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